The Listening Process


Listening Process: The “Conversation” on the Listening Process continues, we thank those who attended the meeting on Wednesday 19th June 2019.  A structure was put in place to explore some topics from the feedback in the hand book from the Diocese between now and September.  More people are encouraged to share their hopes and dreams, to acknowledge the changing culture we are living through and to believe we have a responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We can’t restore the past – we must be creative, think outside the box – live the dreams, bring others along to be part of this “Conversation”.   Get on the train – it is full of surprises – give the Holy Spirit a chance.

Listening Process: Our next meeting which takes place on May 8th 2019 in Templemore Arms when we will meet up with all neighbouring parishes Thank you.  Do come along and be part of this process. 

Listening Process: A public meeting will take place on March 19th 2019 at 7:30 in the Templemore Arms Hotel where the findings of the ‘Listening Process’ will be published and discussed. The next stage will be to see ‘where we go from here’. All interested parties will be invited to attend this most important meeting in terms of the future of our parish and Church.

Listening Process: Thanks to everyone who participated at the Listening Process meeting and who shared their thoughts on the handbook.  We journey on with the conversation and our next meeting will be on the May 8th in the Templemore Arms when we join with the neighbouring parishes.  At that meeting we will also receive our own feedback from the Listening Process for our parish.  A work in progress.

Listening Process: Follow up meeting next Tuesday 2nd April at 8pm in the McAuley Centre. All welcome.  Those who may have missed the last meeting are welcome.  Please read the discussion document you received.  Our meeting will be a response to the findings you received.  It will be good to hear your reflections on the document. Everybody’s comment, positive and negative on the document needs to be heard and respected.  This meeting will help us as a parish to be prepared for the follow up for our next meeting for all neighbouring parishes on May 8th in the Templemore Arms.  Thank you.  Do come along. 

Listening Process:

For the last 12-18 months throughout the Diocese of Cashel and Emly a ‘Listening Process’ has been taking place where the people of the diocese have been given the opportunity to voice their opinions on all things Faith and Church related. Last March (2018) in the Templemore Arms the people of the parish were given the opportunity to join in this conversation.

The process is well on its’ way having being guided by the DPC (Diocesan Pastoral Council). All questionnaires are being assessed and formulated and will be ready for publication from mid February.

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