Parish Pastoral Council


Templemore, Clonmore and Killea Parish Pastoral Council is a recognised leadership forum that operates within the parish and diocesan structure.

The present council took over from the previous parish team in October 2014 and has continued the great work of that team in helping to facilitate and enable the work of each member of the community, and the work of parish groups, for the sake of the parish.

It is there to listen to what parishioners identify as the needs of the parish, to reflect on them, to try and chart the best way forward to meet those needs, and to facilitate in whatever way it can other people and other groups in fulfilling them.


 Role of Parish Pastoral Council:

The PPC will:

  • Endeavour to build a vibrant parish community that includes all parishioners.
  • Provide a structure and opportunity for priests and people to share responsibility for the mission of the parish.
  • Encourage both priests and people to work together, sharing their wisdom, and listening carefully to the needs of the parishioners so that the parish is one where the gifts and talents of all combine to enable us to grow in the love of God.
  • Sees to work with all parish groups and parishioners to further the development and growth of the parish community.
  • Act as a facilitator and co-ordinator of all the vibrant elements of parish life.
  • Help to assess areas of need in the parish and consider sensitive strategies to meet these needs, where possible.



The members of the council have a strong sense of the parish and in acting for its overall good. They have concern for all parishioners and have a keen interest in planning for the future of Templemore, Clonmore and Killea Parish.

Key Developments in 2018:

  • Development of Baptism Team
  • Bereavement Support Training Group
  • Parish Website

Current Members of TCK Parish Pastoral Council:

Maura Byrne, Teresa Devaney, Mary d’Estelle Roe, Ann Doyle, Joan Egan, John Egan, John Galvin, Fr Conor Hayes PP, Michael Keely, Marian Keely, Sr. Joan Kirby, Fr Dominic Meehan CC, Martina Ryan, Philip Ryan, Tom Stamp.