Marriage is the culmination and highest expression of one’s love for another

When you decide upon a date for your marriage it is necessary to notify your local parish priest and notify the State of your intention to marry.

With regards to the church or parish you wish to marry in, it is vitally important that you contact the parish to see if your intended dates are available. Again best to contact Evelyn or Kay in the parish office on (0504) 35772.

After establishing whether your chosen church is available you will need to contact the priest you wish to officiate at your wedding ceremony to check their availability.

Following from this you will need to contact the local registrar; Since 2007 it is mandatory that three months notification is given. This notification must be given in person and further details are available with citizens information.

You will need to provide certificates of Baptism and Confirmation as well as a letter of freedom to marry if you have lived outside your present parish. Your local priest and parish office can assist you with these papers.

A recognised ‘Pre-Marriage’ guidance course is also a requirement, the most popular being run by Accord.

With regards to planning the liturgy of the day, readings, reflections and music, there are some fantastic resources available at Veritas.