Baptism is the first sacrament we receive and is known (along with First Holy Communion and Confirmation) as a sacrament of initiation. It is through baptism that we are enabled to enter into the other sacraments of the Catholic Church (First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Penance, Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick and Holy Orders)

The Parish Baptismal Team was established in 2018 and  meet parents of children to be baptised  within the month of the planned baptism.   The team is entirely made up of members of the community and the meetings which are held on a Tuesday evening in McAuley Centre are both informal and informational.

Two representatives of the Baptism Team meet with a group of parents of children preparing to receive this beautiful sacrament.   The purpose is to  to discuss and explain what will be needed on the day of the baptism, explain what is going to happen at the sacrament, the meanings of the various stages of the baptism, its’ history and the importance of it for both the child, the parents and the God-parents.

Although attendance is not a requirement before the Baptism, the feedback we have received from all of the parents has been very positive and they found it very helpful. Quoting some comments….the meeting is  ‘friendly informative, easy going and enjoyable‘…. This in itself should be an encouraging factor for those parents who wish to have their child baptised to come along and enjoy the experience.

Currently baptisms take place each Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 1pm in the Sacred Heart Church Templemore and after 10am Mass in St Ann’s, Clonmore and after 11am in St James’ Killea. Baptisms can be arranged outside of these times by contacting Evelyn or Kay in the parish office (0504) 35772 or by speaking directly with either of the priests.

It is necessary to fill out a booking form for the baptism with details of child to be baptised, parents and godparents. These forms are available from the parish office.